Paul V.

This is for the CCPL USPSA competition matches held at Fresno Rifle and Pistol Club. 5-stars! Complete awesomeness. We travel all the way to Clovis / Fresno area for their USPSA club matches because it is that good. Forget the parking down the hill where we have to lug out heavy gear up the incline. The stages that they create here really has good flow (!) that still challenges your practical shooting skills. The match runs so smoothly that we finish early and be in time for early dinner back in the Bay. What really sets this club apart is their heart warming hospitality. There are a lot of shooters that come to the match and yet the match directors always ask us how our drive is from the Bay Area. And the hospitality extends down to the local shooters. They are always friendly and such a great experience to be in the squad with. Their big matches are epic as well, with a great prize table most major matches would be jealous off. Their major matches include the cowboy bays at the bottom of the range and running and gunning though those props are such a delight. If you have a change to play USPSA at CCPL (Fresno), I highly suggest you try it.

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