Fresno High Power

Fresno High Power

The Fresno High Power is a target shooting club that holds monthly NRA approved matches from September through June. All matches are now prone. We have F class targets, and welcome F class shooters to all of our matches. Juniors and ladies are welcome! All children must be supervised by a non-shooting adult. New shooters will have an experienced shooter as coach and must attend a practice day before attending their first match. Prone courses will vary each month, ranging from 300-800 yards.

Practice Days are the day before a match and begin at 8:00 am.  Please call ahead, if you will be coming to the practice.

Match Days- Squading begins at 7:00 am, Match begins at 8:00 am.  Match Fees are $25.00 except for the Fresno Open

Equipment that can be used- Bolt Rifles, Tactical Riffles, Hunting Rifles, Iron Sights or Scope, Bipods, Sandbags, and Rifle Ground Rests.

For more information, please contact Doug Beach at

Match Schedule for Fresno High Power through December 2021


Work / Practice Day        Match Day

December 2020                                   12                                13        3x 880 yd Prone

January 2021                                       9                                  10        Heartbreaker Mini Palma*

February 2021                                     13                                14        3x 880 2/Mound

March 2021                                         13                                14        3x 600 yd Prone

April 2021                                           10                                11        3x 880 Prone

May 2021                                            TBA                      29, 30, 31  Fresno Open

June 2021                                            12                                13        3x 880 2/Mound

July 2021                                            10                                11        2x 880 Prone Beat the Heat

August 2021                                        14                                15        2x 600 Prone Beat the Heat

September 2021                                  11                                12        3x 880 yd Prone

October 2021                                      9                                  10        Heartbreaker Mini Palma*

November 2021                                  13                                14        3x 880 2/Mound

December 2021                                   11                                12        3x 880 yd Prone

All matches will be conducted according to NRA High Power & F-Class High Power rules.

The Dec 2020, April, September, & December 2021 matches will consist of three 20 shot 880 yd prone stages.  Unlimited Sighters on the first stage, two sighters on subsequent stages. Stage, and overall awards will be given.

The February, June, & December matches will consist of three 15 shot 880 yd prone stages. These will be fired two to a mound, each stage will have two convertible sighters. Stage, and overall awards will be given.

The July & August Beat the Heat matches will be two 20 shot stages, with each stage having two convertible sighters.

*The Heartbreaker Mini Palma will consist of a 15 shot stage at 600, 800, & 880 yards.  All stages will be fired on the 600 yard target.  Unlimited sighters on the first stage, two sighters on subsequent stages. Come shoot the hardest match in Highpower!

The Fresno Open (May 29-31) match program will be distributed separately.


For those with 100 yard zeroes:  See second page for typical come-ups.

All matches will be conducted using ShotMarker electronic targets.  Your ammunition must have an on-target velocity of at least 1300 fps to register.  AR-15’s and shorter barreled .308’s may have difficulty at 880 yards.

Please bring a fully charged wi-fi capable tablet or smartphone.  If you don’t have such a thing, please let me know, as I have a couple extras.

Shooters who are new to NRA High Power must attend a Practice / Work day before attending their first match.  We will be glad to offer assistance and information.

Practice / Work days commence at 8:00 a.m.  Please call ahead to find out what work will be done, and what tools to bring.

All matches begin at 8:00 a.m.  Squadding at 7:30 a.m.  Please be early.

Match fees for all matches except Fresno Open (May):  $25.00

Juniors welcome.  Junior Match fee: $5

Match Fees have been raised to $25 in order to help fund the building of a covered firing line at 880 yards.


All Children must be supervised by a non-shooting adult.

Eye & Ear Protection Mandatory

 For information call Doug Beach (559) 905-0547, email


Typical elevation adjustments needed for 600, 800, & 880 yard shooting, assuming you have a 100 yard zero:  Due to the many different cartridges, bullets, and velocities being used, these numbers are not exact, but will get your 1st shot on the target, in nearly every case.

From 100 yards to 600 yards:  Come up 14 minutes, or 3.9 mil.

From 100 yards to 800 yards:  Come up 23 minutes, or 6.4 mil.

From 100 yards to 880 yards:  Come up 27 minutes, or 7.7 mil.

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