Summer Hours:

First Friday of May thru November
Monday 7:30AM   4:30 PM
Tuesday 7:30AM   4:30 PM
Wednesday 7:30AM   4:30 PM
Thursday   CLOSED
      Members Public
Friday 7:30AM   6:30PM 5:00PM
Saturday 7:30AM   6:30PM 5:00PM
Sunday 7:30AM   6:30PM 5:00PM

Winter hours start first Friday of November

Fresno Rifle and Pistol Club
15687 Auberry Road
Clovis CA 93619

For information, call the Range House:
559. 299. 6365
ad ccw
$100 Initial/$70 Renewal
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Pricing List:



Family Life

Senior [62+]

Senior Life


Adult (Includes one child): $20
Minor*: $7

10% discount
Veteran ID Card must be presented

Target Frame: $2
Spotting Scope: $2
Rifle Rest: $2
Sand Bag: $1
Round of Trap (25 clays): $6
Paper Targets: $0.50
Safety Glasses: $1
Ear Muffs: $2
Stapler: $1

Safety Glasses: $3
Ear Plugs: $0.50
Ear Muffs: $15/$20/$55
FRPC T-Shirts: $15-$25
FRPC Hats: $20
FRPC Patches: $5
FRPC Decals: $3
Drinks and Snacks


* Each Minor must be accompanied by an adult at least 21 years of age or older.
** Valid for one year from the date of purchase for immediate family members only (spouse or significant other and childern under 19 that live in the same household)

****Reminder: FRPC does not sell or rent firearms or ammo****

All Guests:

Each person visiting Fresno Rifle & Pistol Club (FRPC) must have a Hold Harmless Agreement (HHA) filled out, shooting or not. You can download the agreement HERE and bring it into the range house or fill it out when you get there. If you are bringing any minors with you, please see the next section regarding Minors.

Guests with Minors:

Minors (persons under the age of 18) must be accompanied by Parent, Legal Guardian, or Designated Agent† (over 21 years of age) while at our facility. Minors must also be directly supervised when shooting at all times with an adult standing close enough to reach the firearm to prevent or correct handling errors. For Minors accompanied by Parent or Legal Guardian, there are spaces on the HHA form for the Minor’s name and relationship to Minor. Make sure these are filled out. For those bringing Minors that are not the parent or legal guardian of, please see “Designated Agent” section below.

† A person becomes a “Designated Agent” by filling out the Minor Agent Release Form which is available for download HERE , or it can be faxed to you, or picked up from the staff at the Range House. Parent or Legal Guardian and the person designated as the responsible agent must both sign the form to validate it. Members must also fill out this form if bringing Minors to the range; it will go on file for the remainder of your current membership.

Ammo Restrictions:

Steel core, steel jacketed or bi-metal ammunition is not allowed at FRPC. Please bring your ammunition into the range house when checking in. We will check your ammunition for steel with a magnet; if the projectile/bullet sticks to a magnet, you will not be allowed to shoot it. Steel casings (where the powder is kept) are allowed. This restriction is due to fire hazard, ricochets, and property damage. This restriction is year round and no exceptions are made. If a member is found shooting steel ammunition they will be asked to leave.